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Learn Arabic alphabet letters for the Quran reading. There are 28 Arabic letters. But you have to know the different form of each letter. These letters vary in shape depending on their position within a word. Letters can exhibit up to four distinct forms corresponding to an initial, medial (middle), final, or isolated position. The Arabic letter form are as follows:


Lam also has a special additional form. When an Alif comes after the Lam they perform a “Lam-Alif” with this form ( لا 

). Actually, these two letters on their own make the word “Laa” which means “No” in English. But they can also be a part of a bigger word, and they might take this form if they are connected to a letter before ( ـلا



Hamza is a letter, but not generally considered part of the alphabet.

hamza in its written form, can appear on the same line as the other letters, or in combination with a support letter. A support letter is a letter that has a hamza above or beneath. See the examples below.

The rules of hamza are quite complex, and as you gain experience in reading Arabic, you will understand how it works.

Below are some examples of hamza, just to give you an idea about how it may appear.

This hamza means it’s combined

with a long ‘alif. It is called ‘alif madda,

and is pronounced ‘aa. 

hamza on yaa’.

hamza on waaw

hamza below ‘alif. This hamza

is followed by the short vowel kasra.

hamza above ‘alif. This hamza is

followed by the short vowels fatHa or Damma.
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