Learn 3D interior designs: Become Master in 3D design

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I will create your magnificent exterior house design in 3d render

Please kindly contact us before placing order to avoid Misunderstanding!


Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Client

Who doesn’t love to have a stunning and comfortable place to live, the fact is everyone wants to. And you’ve jut met the expert, we’re here for you to make it come true.

We are specializing in 2d Drafting, 3d Modeling, and Rendering with about more than 12 years of experience. Whatever you need about your home, deliver it to us and the rest trust us.

There are so many sellers that offer some more expensive pakcages. We offer only $80 for our Basic Gig Package so that anyone from around the world can have a magnificent Home Design with the most affordable package and provide the best ever work for you.

Some of our services are,

Create your Home Design/Model from your existing floor plan
Renovate your existing Home to look more attractive
Add landscaping to get a curb appeal look of your house
No blurry rendering image by minimum of 1600 pixels or more
Feel free to edit the 3d Model in Sketchup (SKP) format source file

We will design or redesign your Home magnificently unlike ever before.

We’re at your service,


I also engage in freelance modeling work, where I successfully utilize professional tools such as AutoCAD, 3ds Max – Vray, Revit, Adobe Photoshop, and SketchUp in my projects. I have confidence in bringing my clients’ requests to life with impressive visuals.

In my architectural career, I focus on sustainable and innovative design principles.”


Hello everyone 😉

This gig consists of each service that you need from 0 to 100.

Kerpoo Architects consists of Professional guys. Most of us have master’s degrees in Sustainable Architecture and have worked together for more than 12 years As an Architectural Studio.

Let’s Check Our profile :

Our main prices contain the architectural floor plans based on the total area of the building.

We offer extra architectural services as well: ( You can find the prices

in the FAQ)

Exterior 3d modeling
interior 3d modeling
Interior and Exterior rendering
3d Floor plan
(360° rendering) Walk-through
Architectural animation
Shopping list

& Architectural Blueprints:

Architectural Floor Plan
Foundation plan
Electrical Plan
Plumbing plan
Roof plan
Site plan

You can order each service that you need. even if you don’t need the floor plans, please contact us.

Let’s bring your dream house to life together.

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Please Contact with us for more details.
Our Services

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