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Dropshipping is the most profitable business nowadays. See the video we show our profit and basic knowledge about dropshipping and all kind of dropshipping. Monthly Earn 5k$-40k $ From Home. Message Us For More Details

🔰 Amazon Dropshipping course fee 700$

🔰 Walmart Dropshipping course fee 600$

🔰 Digital Marketing course fee 400$

🔰 Ebay Dropshipping course fee 500$

🔰 Amazon to Amazon Dropshipping course fee 700$

🔰 Walmart to Walmart Dropshipping course fee 600$

🕐Amazon Dropshipping:

1. Basic Course as VA or (Store Manager) Course Fee 16,000 tk.

2. A to Z about amazon Dropshipping ( create account, appeal for suspend account , customer service) Course Fee 30,000 tk.

3. Expert Level ( After Course you Will get Job) Course Fee 45,000tk.

Dropshipping is the most profitable business nowadays. See the video we show our profit and basic knowledge about dropshipping and all kind of dropshipping. Monthly Earn 5k$-40k $ From Home.

 Walmart to Walmart Dropshipping course fee 700$ You can earn money online by taking some time out along with any job but it requires proper guide line and proper education. Quickly join our online course. I have a big team but looking for amazon seller account
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>>ড্রপশিপিং হল এমন একটি প্রসিদ্ধ অনলাইন বিজনেস মডেল । তবে এর জন্য আপনাকে আগে থেকেই কোন পণ্য কিনতে হবেনা, বা কিনে রেখে স্টোক করতে হবেনা। এই কাজে কোনোরকম মার্কেটিং এর দরকার নাই>>

Dropshipping is one of the popular online business model. However, for this business you do not have to buy any product in advance, or buy and stocks from supplier . There is no need for any marketing in this work

<<<< শুধু পিসি বা ল্যাপটপ এবং ইন্টারনেট সংযোগ দরকার >>>>

<<<<Only Need Computer or Pc and Internet Connection >>>>

<<<<এই কাজ করার জন্য আপনার অ্যামাজন সেলার একাউন্ট বা, ওয়ালমার্ট সেলার একাউন্ট দরকার হবে। এটি করার মাধ্যমে আপনি ঘরে বসেই প্রতি মাসে ১৬০০০ হাজার – ৮০০০০ হাজার টাকা পর্যন্ত আয় করতে পারবেন। আমরা সম্পূর্ণ কাজটি আমাদের দক্ষ প্রশিক্ষক দিয়ে শিখিয়ে থাকি, তাই আর সময় নষ্ট না করে এখনই আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন , For doing Dropshipping First You need Seller Account in Amazon/Walmart/eBay/Shopify And Any other market Place. You can earn 200$-1000$ Easily In a single Month. We Teach you full method of this business by our Expert Trainner. So Don’t Waster you time . Contact With us ASAP!

কেন আমাদের কাছ থেকে শিখবেন❓

✔️ফুল টাইম সাপোর্ট

✔️ দক্ষ ফ্রিল্যান্সারদের মাধ্যমে শিক্ষা প্রদান

✔️ ইনকাম করার পূর্ব পর্যন্ত যাবতীয় সকল সাপোর্ট

✔️ ফ্রিল্যান্সিং বিভিন্ন মার্কেট প্লেস এ একাউন্ট ক্রিয়েশন এ (এ) (A) টু যেট (Z) গাইড

✔️ প্রতিটি ক্লাস এর ভিডিও প্রদান করা হবে

✔️ আমাদের টিমের সাথে কাজ করার সুযোগ Why do you learn from our courses?

✔️ Full time support

✔️ We teach you by our Expert Trainner

✔️ We give you full support before and after your income.

✔️ You teach you to create your freelancing profile in every market places

✔️ We give you full videos after every classes

✔️ We teach you how to find Client easy

✔️ We give you working opportunity with us, আমাদের কোর্সে আপনি কি কি শিখতে পারবেন? What do you learn from our courses?

🔰 Amazon Dropshipping, Course fee (15000tk -45000 tk)

🔰 Walmart Dropshipping, Course fee (25000tk -65000 tk)

🔰 Digital Marketing and Freelancing, Course fee (10000tk)

🔰 Professional graphic design, Course fee ( 20000tk )

🔰 Ebay Dropshipping, Course fee (15000tk -35000 tk)

🔰 Amazon to Amazon Dropshipping, Course fee 15000tk -45000 tk)

🔰 Walmart to Walmart Dropshipping, Course fee (15000tk -45000 tk)


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Welcome To My Amazon/Costco/The Home Depot/Ebay/Walmart/Shopify Dropshipping Services !

  • Amazon FBA
  • Virtual assistance
  • Amazon product research
  • Amazon product listing
  • Walmart listing
  • Account management
  • Product hunting
  • Dropshipping store
  • Amazon dropshipping ads creation
  • Dropshipping Product Research
  • Product Listing,Order Management
  • Shipment Handling
  • Returns Handling
  • Refund Handling
  • Customer Support Handling
  • Amazon Dropshipping
  • Store management
  • Order processing
  • Customer support
  • New Walmart store setup
  • Walmart Product research
  • Walmart Dropshipping
  • Dropshipping Account Management
  • Product Research
  • Product Sourcing
  • Product Listing 
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Order Tracking 
  • Customer Service (A-Z Claims)
  • Return Request Handler
  • Checking Performance Health
  • Account reinstate with (appeal and invoices)

Course Outlines:


Concept Of E-Commerce

Difference Of E-Commerce Platforms

Business Cycle Of E-Commerce

Benefits Of E-Commerce Market VS Traditional Market

Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage & Drop Shipping



✅What Is Amazon

✅Amazon Business Models

✅Amazon FBM Vs FBA

✅Amazon FBA Wholesale

✅Amazon Drop Shipping

✅Advantage And Disadvantage Of Each Model

Amazon Seller Central Walk-Through

✅Getting Familiar With Amazon Seller Central

✅Understand The Seller Central Dashboard

✅Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Seller Central As A VA

Amazon User ID Handling

✅Understanding Reasons Of ID Suspension

✅How To Avoid ID Suspensions

✅Different Kind Of ID Suspensions

✅Resolving ID Suspension By Using Appeals


Introduction To Product Research Tools

✅Understanding Jungle Scout

✅Understanding Keepa

✅Understanding Helium 10

Category Analysis

✅Understanding Gated Categories

✅Main Category And Sub-Category

✅How To Get A Category Un Gated

Keyword Research

✅How To Analyze Primary Keywords

✅How To Analyze Secondary Keywords

✅What Are Golden Keywords

✅How To Get Keywords For A Product

Product Research Techniques

✅Understanding What Sells On Amazon

✅Using Alibaba To Find Products

✅Using Coupons Website To Find Products

✅Using Minus String Method To Find Products

✅Using Spying On Seller Method To Find Products

✅Using Social Media Websites To Find Products

✅Tips And Tricks To Find Products

✅Choosing A Competitor In A Targeted Niche

Basic Patent Search

✅How To Search For A Patent Using Google

✅What To Do In Case Of A Patent Infringement

✅How To Read A Patent Report


Finding & Contact Suppliers

✅How To Find Suppliers On Ali Baba

✅How To Find Suppliers By Using Other Websites

✅How To Contact Suppliers By Using Appropriate Methods

✅Understanding Supplier Selection Criteria

✅Understanding Shipping Methods And Icon Terms

✅Contacting Freight Forwarders For Shipment

✅How To Negotiate With The Suppliers

✅Understanding Amazon Logistics

✅How To Place An Order With The Supplier On Ali Baba

✅Do’s And Don’ts

✅How To Do Inventory Planning


All About Amazon Listing

✅Understanding Amazon Listings

✅Pre-Requisites Of An Amazon Listing

✅How To Create Listing On Amazon

✅Understanding Title, Bullet Points And Product Descriptions

✅Understanding Backend Search Terms For A List

✅Retouching Images For Amazon Listing

✅Listing Optimization Using Different Tools

✅Winning The Buy Box On Amazon

✅Understanding Dummy Listing

✅Understanding EBC/ A+ Content

✅How To Add Variations

✅How To Merge Listings And ASINS

✅Understanding FBA And FBM Offers On The List

✅Do’s And Don’ts



✅How To Fulfil FBM Orders

✅How To Handle Returns And Refunds

Shipment Plan

✅Checklist Before Creating A Shipment Plan

✅How To Create Shipment Plan

✅Understanding SPD And LTL For Shipments

✅Understanding Amazon Shipment Limitations

✅Understanding Amazon Shipment Limitations

Customer Support

✅How To Handle Customer Questions

✅Proper Way Of Communicating With Customers

✅Do’s And Don’ts Of Customer Support


Amazon Cases

✅Understanding The Process Of Amazon Cases

✅How To Open Amazon Cases For Your Problems

✅Amazon Cases Tips And Tricks

✅Amazon Cases Do’s And Don’ts

Negative Reviews And Negative Feedback Removal

✅How To Get Negative Review Removed

✅How To Get Negative Feedback Removed

Handling A-Z Guarantee Claims

✅Understanding A-Z Guarantee Claims

✅How To Tackle A-Z Claims

Amazon Reports Handling

✅Understanding Different Business Reports

✅Understanding Different Inventory Reports

✅Understanding Different Advertisement Reports

✅Understanding Other Reports On Seller Central

Amazon Trademark Brand Registry

✅Why We Need A Trademark On Amazon

✅Understanding Brand Registry And Its Benefits

✅How To Do Brand Registry

✅Understanding Amazon IP Accelerator Program

✅Understanding Different Inventory Reports

✅Understanding Different Advertising Reports


Amazon PPC

✅What Is Amazon PPC?

✅Understanding Type Of Advertising Campaigns

✅How To Create Advertising Campaigns

✅How To Calculate ACOS

✅How To Optimize The PPC Campaign

✅Do’s And Don’ts Of PPC Campaign

Lightning Deals

✅What Is Lightning Deal?

✅How To Get Lightning Deal?

✅Do’s And Don’ts Of Lightning Deal

Digital Coupon

✅What Is Digital Coupon?

✅How To Make Digital Coupon?

✅Do’s And Don’ts Of Digital Coupon

✅What Is Early Reviewer Program?


Launching And Ranking

✅What Is Launch?

✅What Is Ranking?


How To Make Financial Reports And Submit Reports

✅How To Do Profit And Loss For Amazon Business

✅How To Make Cashflow Statements For Amazon

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Amazon Automation

  • A to Z Store Management
  • Customer support
  • Appeal
  • Claims Handle

Walmart Automation

  • A to Z Store Management
  • Customer support
  • Appeal
  • Claims Handle

eBay Automation

  • A to Z Store Management
  • Customer support
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